Gift Idea 3: Classic Knife™ + Deluxe Stand
Gift Idea 3: Classic Knife™ + Deluxe Stand
Gift Idea 3: Classic Knife™ + Deluxe Stand
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Product Description
Gift Idea 3: Classic Knife™ + Deluxe Stand

Our award-winning Classic Knife™ paired with our sleek, matching, clear, acrylic, Counter-Top Display Stand at a special price! You will always know where your Brooklyn Bagel Slicer is safely tucked away!

A Kitchen Essential for any Bagel-Lover!

The Classic Knife™ from Brooklyn Bagel Slicer® allows users to slice bagels and rolls without the worry of cutting yourself on an exposed blade. The award-winning Brooklyn Bagel Slicer is the ONLY Bagel Slicer that will not smush or crush hot, fresh bagels! Hands down (or up!) Brooklyn Bagel Slicer is the world's best bagel slicer!

Not Just For Bagels! Try Heros, Rolls, Ciabatta, English Muffins and more... Tell us what you slice! Let us know how creative you can get with your Brooklyn Bagel Slicer and we will feature you on our website! Please send pics, videos and comments to: info@BrooklynBagelSlicer.com

Brooklyn Bagel Slicer also works safely on day-old and stale bagels. Speed up production and improve efficiency: PERFECT SLICES EVERY TIME!

NSF® Certified & Dishwasher Safe • Available in Cream Cheese White • Ergonomic Design • Easy to Store & Use!

Proudly Made in New York • Patents Pending